Where to Look for Accommodation in London: A New Resident’s Guide

Finding a place to live in London can be exciting for new residents. This guide covers top neighborhoods and the pros and cons of each one, making it easier to choose where to stay.

We talk about Greenwich being great for families, Bethnal Green as a hit with young professionals, and Brixton as the go-to spot for students. You’ll learn how to search for accommodation by setting a budget, researching neighborhoods in London, using websites and apps like London Shared and Roomgo, finding good estate agencies, and being ready to offer on the spot.

Also discussed are tips on moving into UCL Accommodation and finding temporary housing in areas like Covent Garden and Soho. For first-time visitors looking for sightseeing spots or places that are good for families or couples staying together, we have suggestions too.

Plus, there’s advice on getting budget-friendly lodging in the city and what you need to know when relocating here temporarily. Keep reading if you want all the details on making your move as smooth as possible!

Best Places to Live in London

Greenwich offers a family-friendly environment while Bethnal Green caters to young professionals and Brixton is ideal for students. Ensure to consider these areas when looking for accommodation in London.

Greenwich for families

Families moving to London find Greenwich a fantastic place to live. This area boasts plenty of green spaces and parks, perfect for weekend picnics and outdoor activities with the kids.

The schools in Greenwich are highly rated, making it a top choice for parents concerned about education. With its rich maritime history, families also enjoy visiting attractions like the Royal Observatory and the historic Cutty Sark.

Housing options in Greenwich cater to various budgets, from apartments to larger homes. The community feels safe and welcoming, with numerous family-friendly cafes and restaurants dotting the area.

Public transport links are strong here, providing easy access to central London for those commuting or seeking entertainment options beyond what’s available locally.

Bethnal Green for young professionals

Bethnal Green appeals to young professionals seeking a vibrant and lively atmosphere. This area is teeming with trendy bars, galleries, and independent shops. It’s also well-connected to the city center by public transport including the Central Line.

Bethnal Green offers a dynamic mix of modern flats and converted warehouses, catering to those seeking contemporary living spaces in an energetic neighborhood.

Moving on to “Brixton for students” section..

Brixton for students

Brixton is a vibrant and diverse area in London, making it an appealing choice for students. With its lively music scene and cultural diversity, Brixton offers an exciting environment for young individuals looking to immerse themselves in an eclectic community.

The neighborhood also provides convenient access to educational institutions and affordable accommodation options, catering to the specific needs of students seeking a dynamic yet budget-friendly living experience.

Moreover, Brixton’s proximity to various amenities and transport links makes it an ideal location for students wanting easy access to facilities and seamless connectivity within the city.

How to Find Accommodation in London

Set your budget, research neighborhoods, use websites and apps, contact reputable estate agencies, and be prepared to make offers quickly.

Set a budget

Determine your budget for accommodation in London based on rent, bills, and living expenses. Consider using UK-centric housing cost calculators to get an accurate estimate. Keep in mind that London is known for higher living expenses compared to other parts of the UK.

Research London neighborhoods

Researching London neighbourhoods is crucial when considering relocation. Start by identifying your preferences such as proximity to work, amenities, and public transport links. Utilise online resources like Movebubble and Crenns Properties to explore the diverse housing options available in various areas of London.

In addition, consider exploring popular neighbourhoods such as Brixton for its vibrant student atmosphere or Greenwich for its family-friendly environment. Understanding these neighbourhoods will help you tailor your accommodation search and make an informed decision based on your specific needs.

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Use websites and apps

When you’ve researched London neighborhoods, turn to websites and apps for finding accommodation. Look up listings on London Shared, Roomgo, Movebubble, Crenns Properties, and Lyvly.

These platforms provide a wide range of rental options suitable for various preferences and budgets. Use these resources to discover apartments for rent in different areas across London and make informed decisions about your new home.

Find reputable estate agencies

After researching neighbourhoods and using websites and apps, the next step is to find reputable estate agencies to assist with your accommodation search. Look for established agencies known for their reliability and customer service.

Seek out reviews or ask for recommendations from locals who have used their services before. It’s important to find an agency that understands the London housing market and can cater to your specific needs, whether you’re a family, young professional, or student.

Utilise keywords like “reputable estate agencies” or “London housing resources” when conducting your search.

Be prepared to offer on the spot

When finding accommodation in London, be ready to make an immediate offer when you visit a property. Rental properties in London move quickly, so having your documents handy and being prepared to negotiate the terms on the spot can give you an advantage.

This includes having proof of income, references from previous landlords, and any other relevant paperwork with you at all times. Additionally, being financially prepared to put down a deposit and secure the rental agreement immediately is crucial due to the competitive nature of the housing market in London.


Discover the best places to live in London based on your needs.

Set a budget and do thorough research on London neighborhoods.

Use reputable websites, apps, and estate agencies to find accommodation.

Be prepared to make an offer quickly.


1. How do I start looking for a place to live in London?

Start your apartment hunting by checking out online London housing resources and accommodation options in the UK. This helps you find where to stay in London that fits your needs.

2. Can I find temporary accommodation in London easily?

Yes, there are many options for temporary accommodation in London, perfect if you’re moving to the city for the first time or with family.

3. What should I know about renting a place in London?

When renting in the UK, especially apartments for rent in London, it’s important to understand your rental agreement and what’s included in your rent.

4. Are there special housing options if I’m moving to London for a job or study?

Yes, whether you’re moving to London with family or alone for a job or study at UCL (University College London), there are various housing options available that cater specifically to newcomers.

5. Where can families look for suitable accommodation when moving to London?

Families moving to London should consider areas with good schools and parks. There are many neighborhoods offering spacious houses and flats suitable for family living.

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